Conference Programme

Monday April 28th
"Meet & Greet" for students

Monday April 28th
"Meet & Greet" for Academics

Global Village

We are very much looking forward to "tasting" the mixture of cultures being a part of the Euroweek at the Global Village. But how so? If you haven´t yet experienced the concept of a Global Village – it´s like a culinary festival where different cultures meet …..and eat 😊! And how can you experience a different culture faster than by tasting it´s food?

How does it work?

To introduce your culture at the Global Village we invite you to bring some typical food and drinks (soda, beer, wine and cider = OK but important: no hard liquor should be served even if it´s a part of your culture). Please mind, that there are no cooking facilities – so bring something you can easily prepare "on spot".