Current Events

Throughout the years, Euroweek has been a story of success for PRIME Networking! In 2023 we celebrated our 28th edition and we cannot begin without remembering where we come from.

Euroweek is an international conference, where students and academics meet from the different partner universities in PRIME Networking. During one week approximately 100 students and 50 academics meet to pitch projects, prepare and carry out presentations, assess papers and have fun! Students have worked on their projects in multicultural teams (two students from three partners = six per project) for a couple of months before hand and Euroweek is the big event where they get to disseminate and show their results.

PRIMEATHON is an umbrella concept for collaborative online international learning (COIL) opportunities. The name comes from the international association PRIME Networking and the COIL activities being hackathon events. A hackathon event challenges students to get involved in problem and solution based learning, where they must collaborate and present a solution to a dilemma, in a limited time frame (24h).

Under the PRIMEATHON umbrella we have (so far) developed two different hackathon events: HACKOFFICE and HACKMARKET. The events take their starting point from the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on sustainable solutions for future challenges.

Historical events

10th Didaktik-Forum on 1-2 July 2021 (online)

Experiences, good practices and new ideas to share: Motivating & Teaching diverse study groups - ONLINE?!"

Meanwhile almost three semesters during this pandemic have passed and teaching in Higher Education has changed its face. Different methods and technologies have been used to support remote teaching, also in hybrid teaching settings. Although referred to as the "new normal", online teaching with limited social interaction remains challenging. On the other hand, with improved technologies and skills as well as a different approach to teaching online, also new opportunities have been created, e.g. for cooperation across borders.