Who can become a member?

  • universities: all types of state authorized institutions of higher education which offer at least a bachelor's degree or the equivalent;
  • interface institutions linking universities and enterprises;
  • professional bodies and adjunct partners involved with university education.

How to become a member?

Any new member must be introduced by a full member and is preferably from a country not yet represented. If the country is already represented, the new member must be approved by the present represented member.

The applicant must fill in and send the official application letter to join the network, including its organisation statutes, to the introducing institution. To that purpose, the secretariat has created an official application letter to join the network and can be found here. Application-to-become-a-member-of-PRIME-Networking

The introducing institution will forward the application letter to the Managing Director, who will inform all the members about the application request by email to know if there is any justified reason to reject that application. After members' reaction, the Managing Director will have to decide if this application will be brought to the annual general meeting (AGM) or not.

In order to fulfill all steps in time for the next AGM, which normally takes place in October every year, the deadline for the member reactions would be around two months prior to the AGM. As a consequence, and taking into account the summer break, it is highly recommended to start the membership proceedings no later than April.

According to article 5.5 of the PN statues:

Application for members and associate members shall be addressed to the Managing Director of the Association. Applicants may be required to enclose with their application a copy of the statutes of their institution and shall indicate in their application the name of the person who shall initially represent them. Admission to associate membership shall be granted if the applicant is officially invited by two members. The General Assembly is not required to substantiate its decision in case of refusal to admit.

After approval the new member act as associate member. Associate members become full members after being committed to the PRIME organisation for at least 2 years. Associate members can part take in all activities within the network.

Please contact info@primenetworking.eu for more information.