The Conference

Euroweek is an international conference, where students and academics meet from the different partner universities in PRIME Networking. During one week approximately 100 students and 50 academics meet to pitch projects, prepare and carry out presentations, assess papers and have fun! Students have worked on their projects in multicultural teams (two students from three partners = six per project) for a couple of months before hand and Euroweek is the big event where they get to disseminate and show their results.

Throughout the years, Euroweek has been a story of success for PRIME Networking! In 2024 we celebrate our 29th edition and we cannot begin without remembering where we come from. Throughout the years of Euroweek, we have discussed several topics, from the very first Euroweek where we discussed Intercultural Communication and Commerce to the 10th in which we discussed the challenges of the European Union enlargement and not forgetting several Euroweek conferences that we dedicated to Innovation Management. In recent years the main topics have been around sustainability and responsibility issues, which of course is no surprise since it is at the top of everyone's agenda today.

Mälardalen University in Sweden will be the host for the 29th Euroweek (EWK2024) from April 22 to April 27, 2024. The main theme of the event is "Dilemmas in the Transition towards a Sustainable Future" with the following two subcategories: (1) Twin Transition for a Sustainable Future, and; (2) Moving Towards and Making Resilient Energy Systems Work.

Organizers and themes throughout history

Click on the image to view a film about the history of Euroweek

Some YouTube clips from Euroweek 2016 at ECAM Brussels Engineering School