Throughout the years we have had many thousands of students participating in Euroweek. And here are the testimonials from some of them.

Words, pictures and videos - from Swedish students attending Euroweek in Germany 2023 (TH Brandenburg).




Words, pictures and videos - from a Greek student attending Euroweek in Germany 2023 (TH Brandenburg).


"Prize winning students: - An experience for life" (attending Euroweek in Germany 2023 at TH Brandenburg -
article in Norwegian)

"Prize winning students: - We have learned so much" (attending Euroweek in France 2022 at the University of Lille - article in Norwegian)

A video from Euroweek in Brno 2019, which took place at Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic

One alumni answering the question what her best memory is from her studies...

The entire process of Euroweek was very rewarding! The first five months prior to the Euroweek itself helped me to improve my writing, leadership and listening skills that really are needed in my future career as an entrepreneur. During Euroweek in Coimbra, I had the opportunity to bond with my amazing team, with whom we shared similar passions. This year's theme, was very educative and insightful. It made me to consider things that I haven't thought/understood before and by acquiring more knowledge from operations in very poor countries, I feel I can do something more than just wonder why things in the developing countries are the way they are. Overall, I'm very glad that I joined Euroweek, since I was able to make business connections, skills and friends that will help me to reach my personal goals.

(Erik Lehikoinen, Euroweek Coimbra 2017)

Euroweek was a fantastic experience and has given me valuable insights into international conferences and working across time, space and cultural boundaries. The project itself has been challenging and in some situations we all got a little crazy and stressed, but it was worth it. Our team has had a fantastic connection and everyone used their different strengths by helping each other when needed most, all to ensure the project's success.

(Leanne Johnstone, Euroweek Brussels 2016)

Some YouTube clips from Euroweek 2016 at ECAM Brussels Engineering School