Conference Programme

Monday April 22nd (19:00-22:00)
"Meet & Greet" for students

The meet and greet for students will take place at the student accommodation Good Morning Hotel. In the evening between 19.00-22.00 a vegetarian buffé and one drink from the bar, will be available for all students.

Monday April 22nd (19:00-21:00)
"Meet & Greet" for Academics

The meet and greet for academics will take place at Hotell Arkad. The buffé and drinks are available between 19:00-22:00. It is a small and cozy place so it will be rather crowded.

Global Village on Tuesday evening (April 23rd)

We are very much looking forward to "tasting" the mixture of cultures being a part of the Euroweek at the Global Village. But how so? If you haven´t yet experienced the concept of a Global Village – it´s like a culinary festival where different cultures meet …..and eat 😊! And how can you experience a different culture faster than by tasting it´s food?

How does it work?

To introduce your culture at the Global Village we invite you to bring some typical food and drinks (soda, beer, wine and cider = OK but important: no hard liquor should be served even if it´s a part of your culture). Please mind, that there are no cooking facilities – so bring something you can easily prepare "on spot".

  • To present your delicious bits and bites each country will be provided with a table (depending on the size of your delegation it might be two :). The table will also be dressed with a paper cover.
  • We will also provide paper plates and cups. We have about 250 plates and cups, so please re-use your cup during the night.
  • Cutlery and a couple of cutting knives + boards + a few bowls will be available to borrow.
  • Water will be offered by the host. 
  • Bring sufficient food to give an idea of your cuisine but try to avoid wasting food. Usually people leave the Global Village, stuffed with different delicious dishes.
  • A recommendation to avoid wasting food based on experience: do not open all the food containers if it is not necessary. This will be helpful so that the food can be redistributed among the participants at the end.
  • We will provide sorting bags for paper, plastic and food (compostable items) - please help us with the sorting and cleaning :)

Contact us

Euroweek Organizing Team: Charlotta Edlund