Practical Information

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Students' Accomodation

Students will be accommodated in Good Morning Hotel Västerås. Costs are included in Euroweek Fee. We have booked 34 triple rooms and 10 double rooms.

Triple Rooms have a 140 cm wide bed for two, plus a bed that can be folded out from the wall if needed. WiFi, cable TV and a desk in every room. Bathroom with a shower.

Double rooms have a 140 cm bed for two. Allergy-friendly duvet covers and pillows provided. WiFi, flat-screen TV with cable TV and a desk in every room. Bathroom with a shower.

Good Morning Hotel Västerås:

Slånbärsgatan 1 | 722 23 Västerås
Phone: +46 21-12 02 20 |

The hotel is located 2.3km from the University and can be reached by a refreshing walk or bus number 2, 6 or 21 (all stopping outside the hotel and at the University bus stop). The city center is another 800m away.

Accommodation Academics

Academics have two different hotels to choose from.


Price: 1345 SEK (incl. breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner)

  • 40 rooms have been pre-booked
  • Guests book rooms via the booking link and pay themselves at the hotel.
  • Unbooked rooms are released 40 days before arrival.
  • Last free cancellation day for individual cancellation: 3 days before arrival.
  • 1km (10 min) walk from the university
  • Many nice pictures of the hotel rooms on their website.

Hotel Arkad

Prices are per room (incl breakfast):

Single Room: 825 SEK (22 available)
Double Room: 925 SEK (9 available)
Triple Room: 1025 SEK (4 available)
Suite (5 pers): 1125 SEK (2 available, they have 2 bedrooms and one living room)

  • 37 rooms have been pre-booked
  • Guests book rooms via e-mail
    - use code MDU April
  • Unbooked rooms are released 60 days before arrival
  • 1km (10 min) walk from the university
  • Many nice pictures of the hotel and rooms available on their website

University Information

Wifi Information

WIFI is available at the university via eduroam. To avoid complications please make sure that your devices (smartphone / laptop) are properly connected to eduroam via your home institution. As a second option the university also has a guest network. Eduroam is much more stable, but the guest network can be used in exceptional cases.

Computers will be provided for presentations.

Important reminder: Please make sure to bring at least one laptop per team for project preparation.

Campus opening times

For everyone (outside opening hours you need an MDU access card, which the Swedish students have)

  • Monday – Thursday: 08:00-19:00
  • Friday: 08:00-16:00

 Campus maps

  • University Guide to finding your way at Campus Västerås.
  • Euroweek activities are planned to take place in the R-block building (ground/first floor and one floor up).


At Mälardalen University in Västerås there are three restaurants: Glada gåsen, Rosenhill and a café called Prego Origo.

Information about Västerås

Västerås is Sweden's 6th largest city and in the municipality (the city and the surrounding areas) there are about 150.000 inhabitants. It is also one of the oldest towns in the country and was an important town in Medieval Sweden. When the steel industry developed in Sweden, in the 13th century, Västerås became an important port town, situated on Lake Mälaren which is connected to the Baltic Sea.

During the industrialisation era in the 19th and 20th centuries, Västerås again developed a lot and several companies were started here: ABB (originallly called as ASEA) and H&M probably being the most internationally well-known ones. Today, Västerås is a nice place to visit.

Tourist information: 

 Getting there

…by airplane

​Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) airport is Sweden's largest airport and served by a wide range of airline companies. You transfer from Arlanda to Västerås through VY bus4you and the trip takes about 1 h 30 min.

VY bus4you website!/

... by car

Västerås: Turn off the E18 motorway at the Rocklunda junction (Exit 132). Continue on Vasagatan road towards the centre/centrum. After approx. 700 metres, take a left turn into the campus area. Parking is available both in front of and behind the University. train

Västerås: The University is located 1.5km from Västerås central station (pedestrian walkway/cycle path along Vasagatan). Travel times to Västerås from: Stockholm – 1 hour

Local transportation

Västerås is a town that is easily accessible by foot. Should you however wish to go by bus, there are local buses (fueled on bio-gas, produced on local waste).

Västerås: City busses numbers 2 and 6 go from Västerås bus/train station to the University bus stop (and also to the students' accommodation). Information about the local buses in Västerås: .

Cashless society

Most forms of public transport, including trams and airport buses, are now completely cash free. You can use the VL app for buying tickets.

Contact us

Euroweek Organizing Team: Charlotta Edlund