Guidelines and Templates

Euroweek Guidelines 2024

In this document you will find all you need to know about the different parts of Euroweek. Deadlines, how the jury is working, rules for the projects and how to prepare all your assignments.

In a separate document (Assessment.pdf)  you also find the assessment criteria for the written paper, presentation and the poster pitch.

Euroweek assessment criteria for project presentation, written report and poster pitch

Euroweek Guidelines 2024 - short version with relevant information for students.

Templates for the project paper

Below you can find all templates you must use for the project paper (project description, abstract, final project paper). It is important to follow the templates to create a standardized form for all projects.

Template for the poster pitch

Below is the Poster Template for Euroweek 2024. With the correct colors, fixed logos (EW-logo, PRIME-logo, Host-logo) and font size you can use. A the bottom we added example references and example logos, which of course should be updated with YOUR project details :)

The poster will be printed in A0 format: Millimeter - 841 x 1189 (Centimeter: 84.1 x 118.9 cm)

In the PPT-template you can see three versions, depending on how much you want to present/balance between approach and results. All three can be used as per your preferences.

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