Welcome to PRIME Networking.

PRIME Networking stands for “PRofessional Inter-university Management for Educational Networking”. We are an international non-profit association founded in Belgium in 2001. Our mission is to develop and promote cross-cultural and interdisciplinary training, academic programmes and research and to facilitate co-operation among universities and enterprises.
PRIME NETWORKING engages in membership cooperation and project partnership.Intercultural expertise and international collaboration in the global market define our focus for students, academics and staff members.
Members include universities, state authorised institutions of higher education which offer a bachelor's degree or the equivalent as well as interface institutions, linking universities and enterprises.


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Annual General Meeting at JOANNEUM
2014-10-22 00:00:00 by 
Fachhochschule Brandenburg
The AGM was held in Kapfenberg from 22-24 October. Many thanks to JOANNEUM for hosting the meeting. It was a pleasure to be at this campus.